Leadership Board

Beginning January 1, 2022, Calvary United Methodist Church of Paris adopted a simplified, accountable structure for our administrative leadership. The administrative responsibilities of the Church Council, the Board of Trustees, the Committee on Staff Parish Relations, and the Committee on Finance have been combined into a single Leadership Board. This board consists of nine members nominated by the separate Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development. The members of the board are divided into three classes with three members retiring from the board each year. Retiring members are not eligible to serve a second consecutive term. 

The board is responsible for governance of the congregation. They discern, define, and cast a vision for the congregation, set goals, and evaluate effectiveness. Clergy and staff are accountable to the leadership board. 

The Leadership Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month. Meetings are open to members of the congregation, with the exception of confidential issues for which the board goes into executive session. Such issues include, but are not limited to, sensitive personnel matters; some legal concerns; and concerns around church discipline. 

The Leadership Board is accountable to the congregation through the Church Conference - consisting of all professing members of the congregation. The Church Conference is convened by the district superintendent (DS) each year, normally in the fall. The regularly scheduled meeting includes a celebration of the previous year's ministry and may include reports from ministry teams, clergy, and organizations chartered by the congregation - such as Boy Scouts, United Women in Faith, United Methodist Men, and our childcare ministry. Officers are elected, candidates for lay, licensed, or ordained ministry are approved for recommendation to the District Committee on Ministry, and a proposed budget is presented and approved by the conference.  

The simplified, accountable structure also includes ministry teams empowered to engage in the hands-on ministry of the church. These teams are organized around five areas of responsibility - hospitality, worship, Christian education, mission and service, and generosity. The ministry teams are accountable to the board through the clergy and staff. 

The Nominating Committee meets each fall to nominate members to replace the three Leadership Board positions that will be rotating off.   If you are interested in being a member of the Leadership Board, please fill out the Interest Form (below) and return it to the church office.


MINISTRY TEAM OPPORTUNITIES FORMMinistry_Team_Opportunities_Form.pdf


Thom Callaway, Chairman, Class of 2025

Barb Dunlap, Lay Leader, Lay Member to Annual Conference, Class of 2024

Connie Dodd, Class of 2024

Charlotte Yorkson, Class of 2024

Marilyn Hanna, Class of 2025

Michael Nickey, Class of 2025

Bobby Hargroves, Class of 2026

Boyd Sanders, Class of 2026

Kim Walker, Class of 2026


Facility Maintenance,  Bob Wright

Worship,   Nanette Grizzle

Fellowship and Member Care,  Connie Bullock

Mission and Evangelism,  Betty Edwards

Christian Education,  Patti Jenkins

Communication,  Linda Vandiver